Chichester District Council have issued the following information:


Chichester District Council undertakes enforcement on vehicles parking in contravention of restrictions such as yellow lines. A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued. There are two levels of PCN depending on the severity of the contravention. The more serious contraventions such as parking on yellow lines incur a charge of £70.00 (reduced to £35.00 if paid within 14 days) and the less serious contraventions such as overstaying a limited waiting period are £50.00 (reduced to £25.00 if paid within 14 days).


PCN levels are set nationally and it is not possible for either the County Council or District Council to vary these. Concerns relating to parking can be reported to Chichester District Council through the ‘report it’ page –


Chichester District Council will not be able to intervene (issue PCNs) in cases of dangerous or obstructive parking (e.g. parking on the pavement) where there are no waiting restrictions or if the land is private.

The advice in the Highway Code not to park within 10 metres of a junction is not mandatory. The County Council or local community group may be able to act by informing drivers of the inconvenience this parking is causing. Vehicles parking in such a manner should be reported to the County Council via Love West Sussex -


If vehicles are causing an obstruction, preventing access for emergency vehicles, parking on the pavement or blocking driveways (preventing someone from exiting) please report to Sussex Police using the non-emergency number 101 or email the local policing team. 


Please be mindful that obstruction is a very broad issue and Sussex Police will review on a case by case basis and can only issue a fixed penalty or take other action in certain circumstances e.g. when a vehicle is parked in a way that prevents another vehicle or a pedestrian from being able to pass or if it is likely to endanger life.

Chichester District Council - Parking Enforcement