An experimental Traffic Road Order (TRO) has been granted that will be tested for a period of 18 months. It will operate during the months of April to September. The scheme has been developed by a close collaboration between local residents, West Sussex Highways and West Wittering Estates and comprises of two main elements:


1. Controlling traffic flow at the Pound Road junction to speed up queues along Rookwood Road / B2179 Chichester Road


Operatives will direct traffic into Pound Road, alternating between those approaching from the East and the West.


Traffic priorities at this junction are the main cause of issues along Chichester Road. Those approaching from the East have priority which means traffic backs up along the B2179.


While the temporary controls can't be expected to remove queues through the village completely on very busy days, we hope it will benefit all local residents by minimising the time when the main road into West Wittering is blocked. This should also mean beach traffic is less likely to divert through Bracklesham and East Wittering.


This measure was put in place on Easter Sunday. As a result, the queue from the West along the B2179 stayed south of Chapel Lane, while the road from the East was free-flowing throughout the day. This is encouraging as it suggests these controls should ease access to West Wittering village from the East.


2. Controlling traffic on the single-track roads which beach traffic has begun using excessively in recent years (Elms Lane, Chapel Lane and Acre Street)


We hope the traffic management at Pound Road will have a positive effect, significantly reducing the inconvenience caused by beach traffic to all local residents.


Residents of roads controlled by the TRO will be issued with passes to display in their vehicles to gain access through manned barriers which will be sited at the junction of Acre Street and Piggery Hall Lane, and at the junction of Chapel Lane and Chichester Road.


Anyone else who needs to access Acre Street, Chapel or Elms Lane, particularly health professionals and carers, or people visiting the cricket club or stables, will also be able to obtain a pass to access the roads controlled by the TRO when necessary. If this applies to you, please contact the West Wittering Estate Office.


Key points:


  • The TRO is experimental and feedback is welcomed throughout the trial to or
  • It may be implemented from April to September but we will only use it on busy days mainly around weekends and Bank Holidays. While this is weather dependent, looking

at historic data we expect to use it between 3 and 6 times per year

  • We will post details of when the TRO will be used on the WWE website,  Alternatively, you can phone the WWE Office on 01243 514143 for updates
  • We will also maintain a database of local residents who wish to be advised directly via email when the closures are planned to be put in place. Please email to be added to this mailing list
  • When used it will be in operation from 7:30 am and removed as soon as possible (approximately 3-4pm)
  • All infrastructure used will be installed and removed on the same day
  • A pass is not required to leave the village via Elms Lane, only to gain access coming from Chichester heading south


Further details about the TRO may be found on the WSCC Website. See:


V. P. Byrne







Experimental Traffic Road Order (TRO)