Visitor Information

The beach is open all year round, opening times in Summer are 06.30 - 20.30 and in Winter, hours are reduced to 07.00 - 18.00.

Please see our “Find Us” page on our website.

East Head is situated at the far western side of the West Wittering Car Park. If you follow the road all the way down to the end that is where you will find East Head.

Please see our "Interactive Map" found on our website to view our available facilities.

Toilet blocks are found as soon as your drive into the car park on the left, there is one located in the middle of the car park opposite the Cafe and one at the far end of the car park.

There are showers at the middle toilet block opposite the café and at the toilets at the far end of the car park.

From the 1st May to 30th September dogs are excluded from the Blue Flag bathing zone between groynes numbered 14a to 18, which corresponds to the area in front of the beach huts. Alternate times of the year dogs are welcome on the whole beach.

BBQ’s are permitted on the main beach, not on East Head. They must be disposed of carefully and we ask that visitors pay attention to their own safety and that of others.

Camping and overnight stops are not permitted on the beach, the car park or East Head. There are many campsites located within the village for your use.

The Beach is open all year round, however the end of September to the beginning of April the café is closed during the week.

Please contact our main estate office for any lost property on 01243 514143.

There are facilities available at all toilet blocks.

Please visit or call 01243 531077 for all hire enquiries.

Unfortunately you cannot hire any beach items, however there is a Beach Goods shop available selling a range of items for you to purchase.

Parking & Season Tickets

We have 200 acres of mown grass for you to park.

Please see our “Parking” page on our website for a full list of charges.

Yes, we now accept contactless card payments.

No you can only pay on arrival at the parking barriers with the exception of coaches. We do recommend coaches book in advance of your trip as you could be turned away in busy periods.

No unfortunately we do not provide a service where you can leave and re-enter with an earlier ticket. If you do leave you will be charged again for parking.

Parking is not permitted overnight.

Season Tickets are available, please refer to our "Parking" page on the website for full details.

Purchases of Season Tickets are from the main estate office.

Beach Safety

We recommend only swimming when there are lifeguards present between the red and yellow flags.

You should never swim where there is a red flag displayed.

We do not recommend swimming with inflatables, however they are allowed as long as the orange windsock is not shown.

Advise the Lifeguards or any uniformed member of estate staff immediately.

Please see our "Beach Safety" page for full details of meanings of safety signs and flags.

During the summer months from mid-May to mid-September. Check for signage on the day.


Yes, it is recommended you book through the estate office as you may be turned away during busy periods.

Please see "Parking" page on website for parking charges.

Not at this present time.

Yes all school trips can book a safety talk with one of our Lifeguards.

Wildlife / Environment

Brent Geese. Please see our "Wildlife" page for all details about our wildlife.

There are recycling facilities near the entrance to the car park and at the far end by the gate to East Head.

Please enquire within the estate office for the key.


There is a shop attached to The Beach Cafe that sells a selection of beach items, cold drinks, snacks and ice creams. 

If the shop is closed you can purchase shop goods from the Café.

Currently we only offer sandwiches and snacks from The Beach Cafe, however hot food such as burgers and chips etc can be purchased from the catering unit situated next to the cafe.

The estate owns the Cafe and is managed in house.

Dogs are welcome in the cafe as long as they are kept on a lead.

Yes, see our "Cafe" Page for details about the new building.

The cafe is open full time from April till the end of September, where opening hours are reduced to just weekends and school holiday periods.

Unfortunately we do not sell any form of swimming costumes in the shop, however towels, ponchos and hats are available to purchase.

We do not offer a service to hire the windbreaks, they are only available to buy.

Beach Huts

No, all beach huts are privately owned.

When a hut is sold it is by sealed bid only, a mailing list for interested buyers can be found in the estate office.

The price varies but over the past years huts have sold for between £45,000 - £55,000+