Our lifeguards are on duty daily from mid-May to Mid-September, 10am to 5pm.

Their primary role is to prevent incidents from occurring, and to educate and advise visitors. They undergo rigorous training and have an amazing amount of knowledge and experience. If they ask you to do something, or to stop doing something, please take notice - they're doing it for a reason.

Sandbar / tides

BE AWARE of changing tides and being cut off on sandbars. For information on tide times, visit the lifeguard tower or search online at If you are stuck on a sandbar, raise one arm in the air and shout for HELP! If you see someone else in trouble, go to a lifeguard (if they're on duty) or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. For tides see:

Lifeguard Flags

When the lifeguards are on duty, flags are positioned on the beach appropriate to the current conditions. Make sure you always follow advice from a lifeguard and be aware that these flags may keep an eye on them.

Red and Yellow

Between these flags is the safest place to swim and bodyboard. This area is supervised by lifeguards.

Red & Yellow FLag


DANGER! Do not go into the water under any circumstances. You enter at your own risk.

Red Flag

Black and White

Surfing and just about everything with a hardboard. Do not swim or bodyboard in this area.

Black & White Flag



Orange Windsock






When our lifeguards are on duty, they will raise the orange windsock near the entrance to the car park and on the lifeguard tower when there's an offshore wind - to indicate that inflatables must not be used in the water. This is to stop you and your inflatable being blown out to sea... trust the lifeguards.

Difficulty in the water

If you are ever in difficulty in the water, raise one arm in the air and shout for HELP! If you see someone else in trouble, go to a lifeguard immediately (when on duty) or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Make no attempt to rescue them yourself, as you may also put yourself in the same situation.

Missing children

When you come to the beach, head to the lifeguard tower and collect FREE child safe bands for your children. Always keep your child supervised and shopw them the lifeguard tower and tell them to head there if they get lost.. If they do go missing, stay calm, go to a lifeguard or member of staff immediately.

Medical attention

If you or someone else is injured and requires medical attention, first go to a lifeguard (when on duty) then, if necessary, call 999 and ask for an Ambulance. Lifeguards are medical trained and can provide first on-scene treatment.

Alcohol and swimming

We strongly recommend you don't mix alcohol and swimming, irrespective of your swimming ability; you will increase the risk of danger to yourself and possibly others too. If you are concerned for someone, make a lifeguard aware and of course if see someone in trouble, go to a lifeguard immediately or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Sun safety


S - Slip on a t-shirt

S - Slop on some sunscreen. Regularly.

S - Slap on a hat

S - Slide on some sunglasses

S - Shade. Between the hours of 11am-2pm

...simple right?!